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Philippine Game Dev Expo or PGDX

The event is not just another gaming event, It is a platform that gives opportunity to our local game developers to showcase their talent and show the whole world that the Filipinos can. PGDX made its highly anticipated debut last August 18 to 20, 2023 marking a significant milestone as the first of its kind in Manila, Philippines. Hosted at the SMX Convention Center and organized by CBZN Perspective and the Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP), PGDX brought together global and local gaming industry leaders while highlighting the burgeoning talent in the indie game scene.

A groundbreaking event that united the gaming industry and showcased the wealth of talent within the Filipino gaming community. It featured engaging panels, a vibrant indie game scene, international exhibitors, and a wide range of events and activities. PGDX undoubtedly left a significant mark on the Philippine gaming landscape, and its future endeavors hold exciting potential for further growth and innovation in the industry.

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Game Panels & Workshops:

PGDX featured a diverse range of panels led by prominent figures in the gaming industry. These sessions catered to creators looking to enhance their skills, offering insights on technical skill development and career growth. For businesses seeking opportunities in the gaming market, experienced speakers from renowned companies shared valuable insights, emphasizing the growth potential in the Philippines' gaming and development scene.


PGDX provided a platform for international exhibitors, enabling attendees to network and connect with BizCon presenters. Renowned brands and distributors setup booths featuring gaming peripherals. Notable highlights included booths from Genshin Impact, Farlight Games, Ragnarok Landverse, and Ragnarok Origin, where attendees learned more about these games, interacted with cosplayers, and participated in raffles and activities.

Rising Stars of the Indie Game Scene:

Withover 60 indie game exhibitors, PGDX showcased the promising future of Filipino game developers. Developers presented their work, allowed attendees to experience game demos, distributed merchandise, and even rewarded prizes for playing their games. The event featured a mix of student showcases, released titles, and upcoming games, some still in alpha and beta stages.

Stage & BoothEvents:

PGDX offered a diverse range of stage and exhibitor booth events, including cosplays, collegiate esports, and appearances by both local and international guest stars. Attendees could engage in activities such as raffles for exciting prizes and attend presentations by key speakers.


CBZN Perspective is a full-stack solutions company founded in 2020. They have over 12 years of experience in the SEA game publishing industry and have worked with over 50 million users and 40+ apps. They have partnered with developers and publishers around the world, and their management team carefully selects, trains, and monitors each member to ensure the highest quality of services.

CBZN Perspective has organized the biggest gaming events in the Philippines, such as the Ragnarok Origins Press Launch and FARLIGHT 84 Philippines Summit. They also organized the first ever B2B and B2C gaming event in the country, PGDX, inpartner ship with GDAP. CBZN Perspective aims for client satisfaction and shares knowledge, best practices, and experience to ensurea successful long-term partnership.

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The Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP) is a trade association in the Philippines, established in 2007 to represent and promote the country's game development industry. Its members create and publish interactive games and entertainment content for various platforms. GDAP iscommitted towards promoting the interests of the game development industry in the Philippines. The organization offers a wide range of services to its members including research and development, government relations, training, promotions, and others.

GDAP consists of over 130+ members from the gaming up to the academic industry. GDAP’s members create and publish interactive games and content for various platforms. It is supported by the Government along with schools and universities.Most of the top games created by Filipinos are affiliated one way or another to GDAP. Their notable members such as Keywords Studio, PixelMafian, Synergy 88 worked with triple-Agametitles. The TOP indie game developers are also a part of GDAP such as Ranida Games, Squeeky Wheel and Yang Yang Games.

Apart from advocating the gaming industry and promoting the game development in the country through academic institutions, GDAP also helped potential citizens to utilize their talents in all aspect of Game Development by guiding them for their career by helping them through job opportunities.




PGDX, organized by CBZN Perspective and GDAP would like to thank the Vice President of the Philippines and Secretary of the Department of Education, Sara Z. Duterte for her support.



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